I partner with Caroline Griswold, a respectful-parenting coach who coaches parents.

Caroline loves to support you in any aspect of parenting your children that feels challenging, from birth through the elementary school years. Coaching can help you access tools, resources, and the state of mind you need to:

  • Parent in alignment with your values and vision for your family

  • Respond to your child’s big feelings and tantrums

  • Manage discipline challenges like hitting, defiance, aggression, or sibling conflicts effectively and respectfully, without relying on shame or punishment

  • Weather transitions to a new caregiver, school, home, or sibling joining the family

  • Learn how to communicate with your child/ren in ways that foster an open dialogue, build compassion, and increase harmony

  • Get on the same page as your partner when you parent

  • Discover ways to calm and center yourself when you feel triggered by your child

  • Find more ease and joy in your parenting