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What is Language Alchemy?

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Our language and communication are usually almost entirely habitual, easily influenced and dominated by the language we inherited from our younger years and our cultural and social conditioning.  Such habitual ways of communicating cut us off from authentic connection.

Language Alchemy is a process of reclaiming your human power to:

  • Dissolve Self-sabotaging Communication Habits;

  • Express yourself with Confidence and Authenticity, and

  • Develop and Maintain Thriving Relationships


Who is Language Alchemy?

I, Alejandra Siroka, founded Language Alchemy. I coach and teach individual adults, couples and groups.  

I also partner with Caroline Griswold, a respectful-parenting coach who coaches parents.  

Caroline and I both teach conscious communication workshops and classes for parents. 


Alejandra Siroka 

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Hi there! I’m Alejandra Siroka, founder of Language Alchemy. 

I’ve been fascinated by language my entire life. Why? Because language is one of the most powerful tools we have to shape our lives and relationships.

What is it about language that it has the ability to heal, connect, and support but also hurt, separate, and destroy? How can we use language to bring more of the former and less of the latter? 

These questions led me to devote my life to the study of language and communication.

And you know what? Even though I have graduate degrees in the fields of language, communication, and transformation, I did not know how to consciously use language to communicate in my own life! 

I lost many friends, didn’t know how to set clear and healthy boundaries, had a very loud inner critic, and could not be authentic when I felt angry, uncomfortable or vulnerable.

I had to learn how to connect with and understand myself before my language and communication could become the bridge to connecting with others. 

At the same time, I found that the process of self-connection and understanding starts with language - how I talk to and relate to myself. 

Through a long (and ongoing process) of self-discovery, combined with my studies in communication, linguistics, psycho-spiritual inquiry, Buddhist psychology, meditation, yoga and eastern philosophy, I developed Language Alchemy – my process of conscious, intra- and inter-personal communication. 

I now know how to develop and maintain thriving relationships and I understand that bringing consciousness to our communication is fundamental to creating a fulfilling, meaningful and healthy life. 

With clear guidance and compassionate presence, I support my clients as they free themselves from unconscious and self-limiting communication patterns. From there they learn to express themselves authentically and enjoy thriving relationships.

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 Caroline Griswold

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When my son was born, I was deeply in love with him from the moment we met. I was also unprepared for the intensity of the experience of parenting—the love, the anxiety, even the rage I sometimes felt welling up in me. Sometimes, after hearing what came out of my mouth in difficult moments, I felt incredibly sad and discouraged about my parenting. I knew I had to find another way. 

Soon after, I discovered Magda Gerber's Educaring® Approach, or RIE®—sometimes known as “respectful parenting.” Almost immediately, I began to change the way I responded to my son and to my own parenting challenges. The profound shifts I witnessed in my own parenting—and, as a result, in my relationships with both my son and my partner—compelled me to learn everything I could about this transformative approach. After years of training and mentorship with long-time RIE® Associates, I began working with families who, like me, were looking for a more authentic, connected, and respectful way to parent. 

The key thing that shifted for me in my own parenting—and what I see most profoundly change in the parents I work with—is our way of communicating with our children. How we talk to our kids can be the difference between a tense, frustrated family where everyone seems to feel terrible and a harmonious, joyful family where we flow through our ups and downs with greater ease and connection.

It’s my greatest honor to help families access their own capacity to create more joy and ease, and a deeper, more loving connection as they grow and change together.