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Speak Your Truth Weekend Retreat

Conscious Communication on the Path of Transformation

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Speak Your Truth Weekend Retreat

Conscious Communication on the Path of Transformation

August 2 – 4, 2019

The Art of Living Retreat Center

Boone, North Carolina

Transform your relationships by learning to engage in conscious communication. 

Where do you start? Your relationship with you. 

Come to this life-affirming immersive weekend to explore the truths within you, using awareness, honesty, and compassion. 

Find the capacity to express yourself authentically, powerfully, and lovingly.

Learn to use your voice with confidence and shed limiting beliefs and communication habits in order to show up in all relationships with presence, honesty, and openness.


Through compassionate self-inquiry, role play, guided meditations, journal writing, somatic practices, movement, and visualizations, you will:

  • Learn to embody your genuine self and speak with confidence and truthfulness

  • Expand your ability to use language and communication skills to connect with yourself and others

  • Dismantle the communication barriers that create conflict, dissatisfaction, and unnecessary suffering

You will take home practical communication and self-inquiry techniques and an understanding of your own values – as well as tools to dissolve reactive or unhelpful communication patterns.


The retreat will be at the beautiful Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, North Carolina


The Art of Living Retreat Center is Set amidst 380 acres of pristine forest high up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, North Carolina. It is a place where you will find beauty to feed your soul and peace to ease your mind. We know that when the world around you is at peace it’s easier to find true connection within.

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In addition to inspiring surroundings, the retreat center has an award-winning Spa which combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with contemporary wellness techniques. Whether you’ve heard me talk about the benefits of Ayurveda or not, I encourage you to try a treatment. 

Delicious and wholesome vegetarian meals are served buffet-style three times a day from the fresh flavors of our mountain-top vegetable garden to the color and fragrance of Indian cuisine.

For lodging, you can select from:

  •  A private room to have space to yourself

  • A shared room to meet new people or stay with friends

  • A simple “retreat-style” room (No TV, no distractions)

  • A hotel-style room

  • A furnished apartment with kitchenette (for longer stays)

The schedule for Speak your Truth will also allow time for you to participate in:

  • Trails and Nature Walks

  • Pottery Classes

  • Yoga and meditation classes

  • Contemplative walks along the labyrinth

  • Kirtan (Yoga Chant)


I hope to see you there!


A Word from Previous Participants

Testimonial - Vanessa.png

 Alejandra's Speak Your Truth retreat was a powerful experience for me.  It was easy for me to go inwards and to go deep because she intentionally created a warm, inviting, and loving space.  To support my learning and my process, she integrated meditation, reflection, movement, partner work, and discussion throughout the weekend.  Her written activities, along with the dyad work, helped me to get clear on what I needed and what really mattered to me in speaking my truth to a family member.  By the end of the workshop, what I thought I needed to say, actually turned into a deeper truth than I expected.


Testimonial - TM (1).png

 It helped me realize why I wasn't able to speak my truth and to make that change. It’s been over a year since Speak Your Truth retreat and I still use the tools that Alejandra showed us every time I have to have an important conversation with someone. Alejandra is an amazing teacher!