Individual Coaching

There are other coaching options, so why work with me using Language Alchemy™ tools?   You’ve heard that changing the way you think can be a key to fulfillment, happiness and success.  The most effective way to changes your thoughts requires you understand the primary tool you use to construct thoughts: your Language.

When you are able to use language with awareness and in alignment with your values, you are more likely to shift behavioral patterns that block the realization of your heart’s longings.

Why? Because when your language expresses your deepest truths instead of your unexamined beliefs or habits, it changes the way you relate to yourself, to life and to others.  When your communication comes from the most honest place within you as the outcome of deep self- you are engaging in transformation, alchemy.

This transformation is possible when you are able to pay attention to your wisdom voice. I do not teach you what your wisdom voice says.  Instead, I teach you to listen to that voice within that tells you the deepest longings and aspirations you have. And then, I teach you how to communicate your truths with others in a way that works for you considering your own circumstances and personality.

I’m not interested in imposing my ideas of what works on you. That would keep you in an immature stance towards life!  We need more mature, conscious adults in this world, and that’s what I will help you to be.

I believe the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others is becoming who you truly are and expressing that truth completely.

Many of my clients don’t know yet who they are and many believe when they come to work with me that there is something wrong with them. If that sounds familiar to you, then we will begin by learning self-empathic inquiry processes for you to see that who you truly are is beautiful, radiant and pure. And once you see that, once you meet your essence, you will be ready to listen to your wisdom voice.

I’m fiercely committed to supporting you in becoming the truest expression of yourself.

I honestly do not know of any other coaching modality that harnesses the transformative power of knowing your language and linguistic patterns and delivers that power in a precise, practical and compassionate way. If you come across one, let me know!

Two more things I find important for you to know about me and the way I work.

The first one is that am fully dedicated doing all that I can to walk my talk. I have been practicing self-inquiry and looking at my language and my way of relating for decades. I’ve tried and tested on myself everything I will share with you.  When I was studying language acquisition, a professor said that the most effective way to teach was to keep putting yourself in the student’s place by learning new languages. In that spirit, I keep my self-inquiry alive by having a teacher who encourages me on a weekly basis to explore my own patterns.

I also go on retreats, engage in constant self-reflection, study with teachers who have impeccable integrity and look into all the ways in which I need to bring more awareness, compassion and humanity to all my relationships.

The second thing you should know is that I love all my clients. Yes, I feel love for each person that I get the honor of supporting. So, when we engage in the Language Alchemy coaching journey, I become your companion on the journey and your champion for your capacity and growth.

If you made it this far, something in you might be telling you to explore Language Alchemy. So, take a deep breath, connect to yourself and if you feel a yes within you, click here to schedule a complimentary exploratory phone call with me to share your needs and discuss together if we are a good fit for one another.


And to give you some information in advance, I’m including answers to questions from previous clients so that when we talk we focus on your needs instead of logistics.


YOU: Why would I want to work with you?

ME: Because in your heart you know some or all of these values below are important for you:


  • Changing communication and behavior patterns that are no longer useful
  • Developing the ability to communicate authentically, and to stand up for your needs while considering the needs of others
  • Being able to have a voice, especially if you experienced bullying when you were younger or if you tend to shut down and resent not being able to speak up
  • Shifting sabotaging inner dialogue and persistent self-criticism
  • Cultivating friendliness towards yourself and accepting who you truly are, including all your experiences and all your feelings


  • Acquiring the skills and awareness to navigate conflict with confidence and compassion
  • Decreasing emotional reactivity that can damage relationships
  • Finding authentic expression at work, at home and on social media
  • Developing tools for deep self-connection so that you can experience connection with others
  • Understanding the influence of your own culture and conscious relating with people from other cultures 

Conscious Relating

  • Developing and maintaining thriving relationships whether the relationship is professional, personal or romantic
  • Entering, shifting or dissolving professional and romantic partnership with full awareness and choice
  • Looking at communication patterns that prevent you from trusting, feeling safe and giving or receiving love


  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Reconciling with family members and friends
  • Transforming sabotaging inner dialogue and persistent self-criticism into a friendly inner observation

Power in Your Professional Field

  • Successfully navigating difficult conversations
  • Speaking in public with conviction, ease and authenticity
  • Launching a business in full alignment with your core values
  • Presenting yourself authentically and powerfully in job interviews
  • Learning how to collaborate with co-workers from different cultures


YOU: What are some outcomes your clients achieve by working with you?

ME: I have witnessed clients achieve so much; the list would be really long! For the sake of brevity –I know you’ve been reading a lot already- I’ve grouped what I have observed into categories.

  • Interacting with others with confidence, power and compassion
  • Reducing self-judgment and judgment of others
  • Approaching conflict from a place of compassion and power
  • Reduced stress and increased inner peace
  • Making decisions with confidence and clarity
  • Co-creating and deepening thriving relationships
  • Increased energy and self-satisfaction
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Healing damaged relationships
  • Increased capacity to face life
  • Joy
  • Bringing their passion to life


YOU: What is the basis of your work? 

ME: All my work is based on the premise that wisdom resides within each of us.  We thrive when we have the tools to connect to our own wisdom. Sometimes in our life, we need to reach out for support to learn to self-connect or to return to self-connection.

Support is useful when the person supporting us deeply cares about us and trusts our capacity for self-connection.  I am passionate about guiding you to find your own wisdom so that you can communicate with empathy and authenticity.  I am not just your cheerleader; I am your partner who cares about you as a full human being and wants to see you thrive and fulfill your dreams. I believe I can help you show up fully in life by integrating all the aspects of your being (body, mind, spirit) with compassion and joy.


YOU: What kind of approaches do you use? 

ME: Empathy is an essential component of the work. I listen to you with full attention and non-judgment and put myself in your shoes to see life from your perspective. I reflect what I hear and use techniques from a variety of sources, including Compassionate or Non-Violent Communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Mindfulness.  These techniques – which can include visualizations, role-plays, mindfulness practices, and body awareness – help you uncover your unconscious communication patterns.  I also guide you through a variety of transformative self-inquiry processes influenced by the work of the various teachers with whom I have studied for years.  I also draw on wisdom and practices informed by yoga, non-dualistic eastern philosophies, Ayurveda, cognitive science and neurobiology. Aside from my studies and experience with clients and my own internal work, I also tap into our combined intuition.


YOU: How is this different from therapy?

ME: We focus on the present moment, your desired goals and how to reach them. At the end of each session you will have an action to take home and deepen the work in between sessions.

Even though in our journey together we might encounter sources of suffering or fear such as mental stories, unconscious communication patterns and habitual patterning, our work is not psychotherapy. The scope of our work does not aim to treat or relieve the symptoms of a diagnosable mental disorder.  However, you may find our work therapeutic in the sense of experiencing deep transformation, relief or ease.

Also, our Alchemy Language work allows for deep self-connection, self-understanding and self-compassion, which I find essential to honor our authentic values and needs.

Many of my clients find our work to be an excellent complement to psychotherapy and several of my clients are psychotherapists.


YOU: Are the sessions confidential?

ME: Yes, I value confidentiality. I will not disclose any personal information related to the work we do together unless you give me permission – in writing or verbally – to share pertinent information with others or with a therapeutic practitioner you are working with.  If you request I share information with others, you and I will talk about what will be shared in advance.  However, please note that our sessions are not protected by any recognized legal privilege, and therefore if a court ordered it, I could be required to disclose information from our sessions.  Other than that unlikely situation, I honor your confidentiality.


YOU: Do you see your clients in person or could we work on the phone or Skype?

ME: Yes, yes and yes.

If you are in the Bay Area or if I’m traveling in your area, we can have an in-person session. I have an office in San Francisco two days a week and an office in San Rafael two days a week.

If you are outside the Bay Area or prefer to have phone or Skype sessions, we can certainly do that. I have clients all around the U.S. and in other countries as well. I do request that if you choose to have phone or Skype sessions that you plan to be in a quiet and private space where you are not likely to be disturbed for the duration of the session.


YOU: Do you have any requests from me?

ME: Yes, to make the most out of our sessions and work I request that you:

  1.    Keep a Language Alchemy notebook or journal. You will need to write during the session or right after the session. Tracking your work in a journal significantly increases the benefit of your work. It will also provide you with a tool to revisit in the future whenever you need to use a Language Alchemy process you learn during our sessions.
  2.    After a Language Alchemy session, give yourself at least 10 minutes to transition mindfully and gently into your next activity.


YOU: In what languages do you work?

ME: English and Spanish.


YOU: What forms of payment do you accept?

ME: You can compensate me using any of these options:

  •    Cash
  •    Checks or Bank Transfers. If you would like to pay by check, make checks payable to Alejandra Siroka. If you would like to send bank transfers, let me know and I will send you the routing number needed.
  •    Venmo. Send payment to Alejandra-Siroka
  •    PayPal. Send payment to
  •    PayPal with credit card. If you pay with credit card via Paypal, please add $6.35 to each transaction.


YOU: What are your rates?

ME:  It’s important to me that our exchange be mutually satisfying and also reflects the value of the work. I give my all to support you and my intention is to create a financial relationship that is sustainable for both of us, so that you can do the work and I can be fully present for you.

Once we have a conversation about your individual needs and circumstances, I will propose how long or how many sessions I think would be most useful to you. You then decide how frequently we meet.

I receive $160 for 1hr-long sessions and $200 for 1.5hr-long sessions.

I request that each session is paid in advance so that I can devote most of my energy and attention in helping you and others express yourself authentically.


YOU: I want to explore the possibility of working with you. How do I contact you?

ME:  Thank you. I know that if you’ve read all this, you are interested in expressing yourself as a mature conscious adult who longs for connection, authenticity and thriving relationships.

Click here to schedule a complimentary exploratory phone call with me to share your needs and discuss together if we are a good fit for one another.

I invite you to read What is Language Alchemy in the About Section.

Are you curious about you and your partner having couple communication coaching? Click here.

What People Say About Language Alchemy

"It is a pleasure to experience connection in one-on-one explorations with Alejandra. In this work, Alejandra holds your heart with care as you unlock your innermost desires. Alejandra supports you in taking small do-able steps of great impact, which moves you toward meeting what matters most to you and co-creating with what you love in your life. An impact of our work together is a greater sense of safety and security as I venture into an area of growth that has been scary for me. This leads to an experience of living my wholeness, and often to deeper connection. Thank you Alejandra for your contribution to my life!"

Emily W, Coach (Boston, Massachusetts)

“Thanks for our session yesterday. I feel so much better than I have in a really long time. After the session it already felt like a giant weight had been lifted, and I'm even lighter today. I'll keep at it.”

Molly J., Sales Engineer (California)

“In our sessions I got in touch with “pure being.” I so enjoyed living out of that place, I feel in my skin, unfiltered. It’s like I can see the essence of people more clearly and they are gravitating towards me like insects to honey. It’s very alive here and I feel like I can connect to others very authentically.”

Michelle A., Mother (California)

“I would recommend her to people generally interested in learning about conscious and effective ways to communicate, couples who are stuck in their relationship and can't find a way to communicate, any sort of company, professionals in transition in their work lives.”

Kristy S, Yoga Teacher (California)

“I would recommend Alejandra to organizations like my department at work, and to anyone I am dating. Seriously.”

Deana R, Consultant (California)

“Alejandra "walks the talk". In every moment that I have seen her or have interacted with her she's always come from an uplifting and positive place. I feel that being around Alejandra you can learn these important teachings through osmosis.”

Nicole K, Entrepreneur (California)